About Addiction Recovery Services

Admission Process

To schedule an admission interview, or if you have questions, feel free to call or text us at 814-515-9896.

The admission process at Addiction Recovery Services is simple and accessible. Your initial contact with the program will start with a clinical staff member that knows about the entire process of treatment start to finish. You can usually be admitted to the program within 48 hours of first contact.

On Mon, Tue, Thu or Fri between 9a and 7p we can also be reached at (603) 433 6250.

We accept most major insurances or can arrange a self payment plan.

Principles of Treatment

  • RESPECT: Treatment begins with trust between people and their providers. We will listen and treat you with respect at all times regardless of individual beliefs, goals, or ideas about addiction and recovery.
  • CHOICE: Outcomes are improved significantly when the person seeking help has choices and responsibility for decisions about treatment. You will be given information and choices about various coping skills, community resources, and medications that are available to assist you in recovery.
  • TREAT THE PERSON, NOT THE PROBLEM: Our treatment approach aims to improve overall health and relationships so that a person’s life becomes more appealing without drugs and alcohol. Instead of focusing energy on convincing someone to stop, the goal is to teach people how.
  • PREVENTING AND MANAGING RESUMED USE (RELAPSE): In treatment you will be taught ways to change your thinking and your behavior, which doesn’t always happen over night. If someone does return to drug or alcohol use they will be encouraged to come back to the group the following day to talk about what happened and get back on track. If use continues we will help you to find additional supports or a more structured treatment setting.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) at Addiction Recovery Services (ARS) consists of group therapy and education for three hours a day, four days a week for 5 weeks (20 sessions). The length of treatment may be extended depending on individual needs and progress during the initial 20 sessions. Intensive outpatient at ARS includes weekly consultation with a board certified addiction psychiatrist.
  • IOP is an ideal setting for:
  • People returning from an inpatient detox or residential program.
  • People that wish to continue working and living at home while in treatment.
  • People that are seeking help for the first time or that are uncertain of the amount of help they might need.
  • People with untreated mental health symptoms contributing to their substance use.
  • Relationship conflict, difficulty with emotions such as anger, sadness and boredom, and negative thinking lead to use of drugs and alcohol and mental health symptoms. With that in mind groups at ARS include discussions and skill building activities about communication and improving relationships, changing our thoughts, identifying and coping with emotions and having fun.