Alcohol Overdose Greenland - Addiction Recovery ServicesAn alcohol overdose, also called alcohol poisoning, is the result of a person consuming too much alcohol in a short amount of time. If you or someone you know has ever consumed enough alcohol that they vomited or passed out, they were suffering from some form of alcohol poisoning. In extreme cases, alcohol poisoning can be fatal, so great care should be taken regarding alcohol consumption.

What Is Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning occurs when an individual drinks a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time. Doing this affects the body temperature, heart rate, and gag reflex. In the worst-case scenario, alcohol poisoning can lead to coma or death. Alcohol poisoning can also occur when adults or children drink household products that contain alcohol.

Alcohol Poisoning Signs and Symptoms

If a person is experiencing alcohol poisoning, they will likely demonstrate the following alcoholism symptoms:

  • Blue-tinged skin
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Irregular breathing
  • Unconsciousness

Common Causes

One of the most common ways to develop alcohol poisoning is through binge drinking – which is five or more drinks for men or four or more drinks for women in just two hours. Because alcohol takes a long time to be metabolized, a large volume consumed at once can overwhelm the body’s ability to process it.

Uncommon Causes

Sometimes, people get alcohol poisoning from using household products that contain alcohol that is not designed to be consumed. Examples of these products include mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products. If someone you know consumes these products, you should call 911 immediately. 

Alcohol Poisoning Diagnosis

Determining if someone is intoxicated enough to require medical attention can be difficult. Some might be afraid of embarrassing their friend by taking them to the emergency room for no reason. However, because alcohol poisoning can be fatal, it is best to take them to receive the care they need if you suspect that they might have alcohol poisoning. Medical professionals will be able to determine the correct treatment that will help them to recover safely.

Health Risks Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning will cause a person to feel sick, possibly causing them to vomit. A person with alcohol poisoning will likely pass out. In the worst cases, alcohol poisoning can cause coma or death. With the right medical treatment, someone with alcohol poisoning has a high chance of surviving and of feeling better after a few days of rest and abstinence from drinking alcohol.

Emergency Action for Alcohol Overdose

If someone you know has alcohol poisoning, you should:

  • Call 911
  • Keep them awake
  • Give them water if they are awake
  • Keep them warm
  • Prevent choking if they are unconscious by turning them on their side

Alcohol Poisoning Prevention

The best way to prevent alcohol overdose is to limit drinking to moderate levels. You can learn more about what is considered heavy drinking, but in general, drinking is two drinks or less daily for men and one drink or less for women. To prevent alcohol poisoning from household products, keep dangerous products in a safe child-free place. Have conversations with your children about alcohol consumption and ensure they know what products in your home are safe.

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Alcohol poisoning treatment is available in an emergency room. Often a person with alcohol poisoning will be given IV fluids and oxygen. Sometimes, they will have to have their stomach pumped to remove toxins or their blood filtered with a dialysis machine.

Getting Help For Your Alcoholism Today

If you or someone you care about needs rehab for alcoholism treatment, call Addiction Recovery Services at 978-228-5853 to discuss treatment options with our compassionate staff. At Addiction Recovery, we know that recovery is possible and we are excited to help you find a treatment that works!

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FAQs About Alcohol Poisoning

Can you overdose from drinking? A person can overdose from drinking too much alcohol. This is typically called alcohol poisoning. If someone you know has alcohol poisoning, you should get them medical attention immediately. How much alcohol can you overdose on? A person’s threshold for alcohol poisoning will depend on several factors such as overall health, weight, if they have eaten recently, if they have used other substances, and the rate of their alcohol consumption. What should you do if someone overdoses on alcohol? If someone overdoses on alcohol you should call 911, keep them awake, keep them warm, give them water if they are awake, and turn them on their side to prevent choking if they have passed out.

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